“Nestled behind a variety of antique shops, unique stores and restaurants, you will find one hidden gem of a bar and music venue right in the heart of the village of Saugerties.”

(reprinted with permission)

It was the end of summer in Saugerties. The shops were open, the village streets were buzzing, and it was hot. Boy, was it hot. Was August always this hot in New York? 2018 was turning out to be a poor year for discoveries - I’d been looking for that ‘special location’, that ‘one in a million’ travel gem that you write home about. So far, it’d been a bust.
Walking down the village streets, it was easy to fall in love with the charm of this place. But it was hot. Did I mention that? And I was hungry. Thirsty. One could say ‘ravenous’. The thought of stepping inside one of these quaint little upstate brick buildings and sipping on a beer, sweating up a storm wasn’t the most appealing thought I’d had all day. Thirst was winning out.

That’s when I heard it - some light rock music filtering in through the heat haze, climbing down the streets….the sound of a motorcycle, then two, growling to life. People laughing, There was some kind of magic going on down the street. I had to find it.

I saw a swathe of people heading across from the public parking lot off Partition Street, and down a small decline into….The Partition.

What. A. Find. It looks like a revamped garage transformed into this hip, biker-friendly, outdoors and open-air bar. There was a band. Motorcycles. Happy people everywhere. And it was hot out. Happy people in the heat. That’s what I like to see.

That’s the mark of a true gem, you see: when people can gather in 90+ weather, have a few beers outside, snack on some delicious food and be themselves, smiling and having a good time despite the temperatures Mother Nature is throwing at them.

And this place had a band. A really good band. Kids were playing a giant sized Jenga out in the courtyard with the adults. Sleek decor, friendly bartenders, and one of the first few folk to say hello to me were the owners themselves. It gave off that family-owned business feel without losing any of its class.

The drink selection and knowledge of the bartenders was top class, the atmosphere was relaxed and this outdoor bar vibe? Fantastic. I will definitely be here again. Hopefully I’ll see you there, too. This is one gem you’re not going to want to pass over.



(845) 382-9954



124 Partition St
behind Bella Luna’s
Saugerties, NY 12477



M-Thu 3p–10p
F 3p-11p
Sa 12p-11p
Su 11a–9p